Mission and vision

To write their stories in the city, young dragons require quality development opportunities and support on their journey to independence. That is why Young Dragons provide them with the conditions, spaces, and programmes necessary for quality creative (self-)realisation.

Young dragons are a positive force in the field of youth work. We are the fountains of imagination that bring forth new, interesting, different, and rich life to the city.

We are a network of places where young people can spend their free time in a meaningful, active, and creative way. We are creating an environment in which young people can grow up to be responsible, creative, respectful, and connected citizens.

Every day, young dragons work to ensure that the programme is available in all district communities in Ljubljana, and that we become an indispensable voice of young people and co-creators of local community life.

We consider the international environment openly and lay the groundwork for youth work, youth centres, organising, and life, in which the languages of the world’s picturesque cultures will be spoken daily.

We support young people on their journey to independence by tirelessly creating spaces in the Municipality of Ljubljana for them to grow in a creative and safe environment.

Values that guide us

We put young people at the centre of our efforts.
It is critical that we assist young people on their path to independence by promoting them in the adult world. We serve as mentors and provide a platform for them to prepare their own projects.

We value diversity as a source of wealth.
We value the diversity of our colleagues and users, which allows us to learn and gain a broader perspective on the world. In doing so, we contribute to a compassionate and democratic society.

We think creatively.
The success of the organisation and its programmes is achieved through the development of good proposals and innovations. We support one another in personal and professional development, resulting in the quality of our services and the satisfaction of colleagues, users, and other stakeholders.

We conduct business with due diligence.
We value quality, especially when it ensures durability and the absence of negative effects. We buy locally whenever possible to support our community and the environment we share.

Where can you find us?

In the Bežigrad, Črnuče, Golovec, Šiška and Zalog district youth centres, in Ljuba & Drago mobile youth centres in various neighbourhoods in Ljubljana (district community Šentvid, district community Sostro), in the Borc community centre in Kašelj, in the Digi MC digital youth centre on the Discord gaming platform, in the streets of the mobile team (Celovški dvori, district community Golovec, district community Posavje, district community Vič, district community Šmarna gora), at the administration unit in the centre, at activities and events in and outside of the city, and sometimes even abroad.  We will also be available in the near future at the newly opened Ljubljana Youth Centre in the city centre and the Golovec district Youth Centre.

Get in touch with us

Javni zavod Mladi zmaji
Resljeva 18
1000 Ljubljana

tax no.: 13480855

e: info@mladizmaji.si
t: +386 1 306 40 64

fb: mladizmaji
ig mladizmaji

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