Our Centres

In Zalog, Šiška, Bežigrad, Črnuče, in the streets, in the centre, in Kašelj, in the virtual world. We can assist young people in finding a location and programmes anywhere. For young people, by young people. Our centres provide a safe environment for young people with diverse interests, ideas, and challenges to spend their leisure time. Communities, neighbourhoods, and solidarity come together in our centres. Our centres are the places where the city’s creativity is nurtured.

Young Dragons Bežigrad

A youth centre that serves as a living room for young people in the heart of the BS3 settlement. Young people come to us to chat, create, play board games, cook, play sports, and brainstorm new ideas. Do you miss any particular activity? No worries. We’ll figure it out.

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Young Dragons Črnuče

A youth centre at the intersection of Ljubljansko polje, Kamnik-Bistrica plain and the hilly world of Šmarna gora and Rašica. It is a place with many areas for socialising and creating. The Null room is in the hands of young people, and there is a multipurpose hall with a recording studio where talents in cultural and artistic fields are discovered and developed as part of the Basement programme.

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Young dragons Golovec

Youth center on the eastern side of the Štepanjsko naselje – the peninsula surrounded by the river Ljubljanica. There is a lot of sports infrastructure in the surrounding area, which our youth center complements with a place for young people to spend quality free time and invites them to co-create the program and activities in Štepanjsko naselje.

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Young Dragons Šiška

An urban space that houses music, film, art, and sport. We are a place of coexistence and co-creation. We come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse experiences, which provides an excellent foundation for co-creating our space. We plan and execute projects together, learn, and have fun. We are a community of open minds and active visitors who provide opportunities for young people to realise their ideas.

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Young Dragons Zalog

A youth centre on the outskirts of the city where we always make time for socialising, liven up the days with a variety of sports activities in the large hall, fitness centre, or even outside, and support you through the challenges you face.

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Ljuba & Drago

A mobile youth centre that was built out of an old city bus. It’s like a mobile living room that travels to all corners of Ljubljana, where infrastructure and programmes for young people are lacking. Ljuba & Drago is a mobile youth centre that provides socialisation wherever it pops up.

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The community centre on Cesta španskih borcev in Kašelj was built out of an old city bus. “A fighter by heart, a gathering place by profession / Community by character, he will call you soon / Borc is for learning, culture, socialising, art / For creation, support, and inspiration when you run out of cards.”

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Street dragons

A Young Dragons special unit that works with street youth. It organises workshops, events, and other activities for children and young people in various locations throughout Ljubljana and its surroundings.

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Digi MC

A digital youth centre open to all young people interested in society, good music, workshops on various topics, or co-creating a digital community. Categories on Digi MC include Gaming, Creative, Fantasy, Podcast, Themes, and Advisory. We are open every day of the week, including Sundays and holidays.

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