It is based in the hall and studio of Young Dragons Črnuče. In addition to artistic activities in the field of music and performing arts, the space is intended for the organisation of panel discussions, educational workshops, the headquarters of Radio Eter, and collaboration with Glej theatre. It is an environment for the development of artistic activities as a platform with excellent technical conditions, intergenerational staff, and mentoring support.

Basement shirt
Basement shirt

The Basement programme’s operation is divided into three difficulty categories:

  • Once a week, an event for getting to know musical equipment and learning instruments is held for the youngest visitors (drums, guitar).
  • Open rehearsals of unestablished bands and jam sessions known as “Črnuška marmelada” take place in the medium difficulty category.
  • At a higher level, where young musicians are directed to collaborate and create quality artistic content, recording, arranging, and composing copyrighted compositions of various performers who require the guidance of a mentor is taking place.

Basement enables and organizes

  • Space for rehearsals of music groups.
  • Music competition Hit Betona, where we invite music groups, songwriters, and singers who want to present their music to a wider audience. A recording session in our studio serves as the reward for the winners of individual categories.
  • The “Audio Academy Basement” is a series of music workshops where you can learn about all facets of music production over the course of a multi-month programme, including the recording, mixing, and mastering processes through top educational programmes that adhere to international standards. Additionally, the composition and arrangement of songs in various genres are given some consideration, with a focus on rock, metal, and electronic music.
  • Festival New Beginnings, which features a variety of artistic and cultural performances as well as a presentation on the Basement programme’s operation.
  • And last but not least – karaoke as desired by the visitors. 😉

Join us

If you are interested in any form of art and would like to test yourself in new skills, please write to

Get in touch with us

fb: basementmladizmaji
ig: basementzmaji

Veronika Vižintin
+386 51 659 028

Urška Arnšek
+386 51 659 023

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  • Green Capital in Europe
  • City of Literature
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  • Movit - Institute for the development of youth mobility
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