Ljubljana Youth Centre

A new central youth centre is being built in the centre of Ljubljana. The Ljubljana Youth Centre includes all levels of youth activity – socialising, networking, cooperation, creativity, and engagement. The vision of the new Youth Centre is based on the participatory practice of involving young people in the processes of action – participation, co-creation, co-design, and co-decision.

Ljubljana Youth Centre
Ljubljana Youth Centre

Already in 2016, as part of the public debate on the Youth Strategy 2016-2025, the idea was born of creating a central youth centre within the Ljubljana Youth Centres Network. The Municipality of Ljubljana has decided to house the centre in the Cukrarna Palace, a residential section of the former sugar factory. The building is approximately 2,000 m2 in size and has four floors. The building will be renovated between 2022 and 2024.

Parallel to the architectural design, the software is being developed in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders. We organise consultations on the topic of the central youth centre, where we exchange views, ideas, needs, and reflections on how to form a programme and community, where young people can realise their ideas, live in the community, dream, and co-create their city.

The hub of the future

We followed the concept of compassion when designing the space and programme of the newly emerging future hub (scheduled to open in 2024). In doing so, we consider the goals of intergenerational integration and solidarity, as well as ensuring a safe and creative environment and well-being. Ljubljana thus gains space and programmes for the city’s development of young people, active citizens, compassionate advocates, and agents of positive change in the city and community.

The palace represents an opportunity for Ljubljana to acquire a one-of-a-kind example of good practice in an integrated approach to young people, to step up efforts to express their voices, and to translate a new perspective of young people into all aspects of urban life.

Get involved

We invite you to share with us your wishes, interests, needs, and ideas for improving the SPACE, CONTENT, and COMMUNITY of the Central Youth Centre in Ljubljana.


Ksenja Perko
+386 51 659 021

  • City Ljubljana
  • Green Capital in Europe
  • City of Literature
  • Office for Youth
  • Movit - Institute for the development of youth mobility
  • Sava Insurance
  • Network YC LJ

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