Meet our stars

Projects that create new models of collaboration between the city, public institutions, businesses, non-governmental organisations, and the community. Our shining stars are ambitious projects that go beyond the scope of everyday work with youth. These are projects that the Young Dragons are especially proud of. Meet them, visit them!

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Join us

Young Dragons welcome your involvement in projects as we are always looking for new ways to collaborate. From performing music to planning events and engaging in a range of volunteer activities. You can regularly join us in one of our centres in the Ljubljana area, and we also have a wide range of exciting international opportunities available to you. Welcome!

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Parents, take a look

Young Dragons is also a safe creative environment for children and adolescents aged 10 to 15 or up to 18 years old. Our centres offer a daily programme, and you can also enrol your minors in our well-known holiday programmes. Look for ways for them to get involved and get to know us better. Welcome!

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Experts, welcome

The development of the professional field of youth work is an important pillar of the Young Dragons’ overall operation. As Slovenia’s largest youth centre, we feel a special responsibility to assist in the care of the youth sector. We are creating communities of professionals who support and learn from young people by providing education, professional meetings, and connecting with other sectors and areas.

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International cooperation

In addition to working in the local and national communities, international cooperation is one of the key orientations of the Young Dragons. We achieve internationality through concrete projects in which we form long-term partnerships with organisations that share our values and vision for global youth work. Through cooperation, we spread the Young Dragons’ best practices throughout Europe and beyond, acquire new knowledge, and enable young people to participate in a variety of international activities.

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Looking for a place?

Are you looking for a place for a project, gathering, or party? The Young Dragons network of facilities is available to young people and organisations needing infrastructure for occasional events for a variety of purposes. Or do you require a location for sports or training, for socialising or practice, or for dancing? Rooms of various sizes and purposes are available. Check them out and get in touch with us!

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Do you need to talk?

Are you having a hard time? Are your friendships bothering you? Do you have relationship problems? Are you arguing with your parents? Do you have no idea what life is all about? You’re not doing well at school? Are you stressed? Not comfortable in your own skin? Do you feel pressure? Are you experiencing violence? Don’t you have anyone to confide in? Do you need to talk it out and relieve yourself?

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Listen to Radio Eter

Everyone on the same frequency. For young people, by young people. Music, society, and culture. Listen, contribute!

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