Mobile psycho-social counselling (MOPS)

Individual and group support for young people in Ljubljana, as well as professional support for youth workers of the Network of Youth Centres Ljubljana (MC LJ Network). To gain more knowledge in the field of psychosocial counselling in order to provide better conditions and more support to young people on their path to independence. We collaborate with related organisations and experts to provide young people with quickly accessible and free psychosocial support.

Professional support for youth workers

Excellent youth work is committed to continuous knowledge upgrading and self-exploration. As a result, we organise regular, practical, and up-to-date professional trainings for youth workers, students, and volunteers involved in the Ljubljana Network of Youth Centres. The topics of education are tailored to the needs and problems they face in their work and equip participants with the tools necessary for quality youth work. They are intended to increase knowledge, improve understanding of young users, and, on the other hand, relieve youth workers.

Youth workers are also supported when they encounter more difficult problems in their work, such as risky behaviour by young people, mental distress, domestic violence, and abuse. Intervision meetings, individual conversations, and counsellor visits to youth centres are the most effective ways of working with young people. We create assistance plans for young individuals, incorporating governmental and non-governmental organisations as necessary.

Individual and group counselling for young people

Individual counselling is intended for young people aged 10 to 29 who are looking for someone to talk to in times of need. Young people participating in MC LJ Network youth centre programmes may be included. It is intended to alleviate and improve the management of problems or life challenges. We offer the service through a variety of communication channels, including in person, over the phone, via video call, and the digital Youth Centre Digi MC, taking into account the diversity of the age group of young people.

Young people are offered peer counselling at the Digital Youth Centre Digi MC by volunteers/practitioners, future professionals in the field of psychosocial counselling, to whom we offer internships under the mentorship of our experienced psychosocial counsellors.

Group forms of support are created and implemented based on the needs.

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Annual International Conference on Youth Mental Health

In addition to regular education, the MOPS team hosts an annual international conference on youth mental health called “Youth is (not) Madness” for professionals who work with young people. At the conference, both local and foreign lecturers share their knowledge in the form of lectures and workshops.

Past conferences:

Youth is (not) Madness – In relationships we are human (2022)

Youth is (not) Madness – Do my thoughts still make sense? (2021)

Youth is (not) Madness – Dealing with uncertainty (2020)

Youth is (not) madness – Mental health of young people (2019)

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Maruška Kobe
+386 51 231 494
Psychosocial Advisor, Sectoral Advisor

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