Ljuba & Drago

A mobile youth centre made out of an old city bus with the number 132. Through art and culture, the mobile youth centre in Ljubljana brings together neighbours and neighbourhoods. A warm and welcoming space with a distinctive and sturdy exterior and a pleasant and welcoming interior. A spot where you are free to be who you are without having to make any purchases.

Ljuba & Drago
Ljuba & Drago

How did bus no. 132 come to be known as Ljuba & Drago?

The story of Ljuba & Drago would not have been possible if the Public Institute Young Dragons, Ljubljana public transport (LPP), and the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL) had not formed a partnership that allowed for a collaborative approach to the project within the typical hierarchical structure of operations.

The purpose of the project was to convert the disused bus into a mobile youth centre.

The project was designed and implemented as a pedagogical process at the intersection of youth work and creative industries. Many activities occurred concurrently during the process, as we believe in co-creative and collaborative approaches. The project’s young participants were led and directed by experienced experts in the creative industries (design, architecture, communication) and youth work. Young people were mentored according to the principles of “learning by doing”

The project’s conception dates back to 2019, and its implementation was completed at the start of 2020.

Socializing delivered to all corners of Ljubljana

Today, Ljuba & Drago is a mobile youth centre, with a regular daily youth programme. In its new role, the bus serves as a mobile youth centre in Ljubljana’s so-called “grey zones,” which are devoid of spaces and programmes for young people. This is done in accordance with the City of Ljubljana Strategy for Youth 2016-2025.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make such a large-scale project a reality.

Young co-creators of the project: Tina Ivnik, David Vavtar, Petra Dermota, Lea Dolinar, Katarina Žniderič, Teja Samsa, Eva Sešek, Analina Štumberger, Zia Perko Rogelj, Matic Lesjak, Timeja Liplin, Nejc Benčič, Petra Filipič, Evelin Radulović, Kaja Vuk and Tana Logar

Mentors: Andraž Tarman (Rompom Institute), Andrej Kurent (Reformatory), Tadeja Bučar Atkins (Creative Nomads), Andrej Mercina and Renata Smrkolj (Triiije arhitekti),

Thank you, Knauf Insulation Slovenija (Urbanscape green roof) and Donar d.o.o. (upholstery).

Recognized good practice

Young Dragons and the mobile youth centre Ljuba & Drago are the proud recipients of the BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2020. By receiving the award, the project of transforming a city bus into a mobile youth centre was also nominated for the Grand Prix award in the Civic category. The award is presented by the Big Institute, and you can read the description of the awarded project in English here.

We are also pleased that the project has been included in the Institute for Spatial Policies’ Catalogue of Good Practices of Slovenian Cities for Sustainable Urban Development. See more here.

The Story of Ljuba & Drago

The entire process of the project, from conception to completion, was meticulously documented and presented in the brochure, The Story of Ljuba & Drago. It is also available in digital format.

Download The Story of Ljuba & Drago in pdf format.

Ljuba & Drago at night

Where is Ljuba & Drago?

You can learn about how the mobile youth centre operates, where it is located, and what its purpose is here.

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FB: LjubainDrago
IG: ljuba_in_drago

For more information, please contact:

Maja M. Gašperšič
+386 51 625 232

Mateo Hočuršćak
+386 51 625 278

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  • Green Capital in Europe
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