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Young Dragons welcome your involvement in projects as we are always looking for new ways to collaborate. From performing music to planning events and engaging in a range of volunteer activities. You can regularly join us in one of our centres in the Ljubljana area, and we also have a wide range of exciting international opportunities available to you. Welcome!

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Our Centres

In Zalog, Šiška, Bežigrad, Črnuče, in the streets, in the centre, in Kašelj, in the virtual world. We can assist young people in finding a location and programmes anywhere. For young people, by young people. Our centres provide a safe environment for young people with diverse interests, ideas, and challenges to spend their leisure time. Communities, neighbourhoods, and solidarity come together in our centres. Our centres are the places where the city’s creativity is nurtured.

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There are numerous opportunities to volunteer! There are many options, including working individually or in groups, leading workshops and projects, socialising with young people, and coming up with your own ideas. We provide mentoring support, free introductory training, regular monthly meetings, and bi-annual gatherings for all volunteers. You can also perform mandatory optional content or an internship while volunteering.

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It is based in the hall and studio of Young Dragons Črnuče. In addition to artistic activities in the field of music and performing arts, the space is intended for the organisation of panel discussions, educational workshops, the headquarters of Radio Eter, and collaboration with Glej theatre. It is an environment for the development of artistic activities as a platform with excellent technical conditions, intergenerational staff, and mentoring support.

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International Opportunities

You can take advantage of the Young Dragons’ international opportunities by participating in youth exchanges, volunteer programmes, and solidarity initiatives. The Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps programmes are the most appealing to young people. Find out what you can do and how we can help you in the areas where we can mentor, support, and advise you.

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