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Data manager

The manager of personal data of Young Dragos web page is The Public Institute Young Dragons, Resljeva cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana.

The authorized person for data protection is the company Omnimodo, d.o.o., Barjanska cesta 68, 1000 Ljubljana, T: +386 1 23 223 47, E:

The manner and purpose of data processing

The transmitted data will be processed in accordance with the rules on protection of personal data. They are used only for the purposes for which the user has given their consent. In case of need for further processing, the user will be informed in advance and his personal data will be used only if he gives his consent for such purpose of use.

E-mail messages

The user can send his questions and comments to e-mail addresses published on the website Personal information obrained are used solely for the purpose of communication. By sending and e-mail, he agrees to the general terms and conditions of use of the Young dragons website.

Users rights

The user may at any time request to be notified with his/her personal data, transmitted to Young dragons, for corrections or their deletion. At his/her request Young dragons will enable:

  • the correction or update of data,
  • the right to the deletion of personal data,
  • the right of limitation of processing personal data,
  • the right of objection and
  • the right to the insight and export of personal data.

The user can submit his written request to: Young dragons, Resljeva cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana or via e-mail:

The user will be informed immediately and the competent supervisory authority in the Republic of Slovenia will be informed thereof.

In case of violation of personal data protection the Young dragons will immediately take all appropriate measures. The user will be informed immediately and the competent supervisory  authority of Republic of Slovenia will be informed as well.

Security of data

All personal data, transmitted by the user are confident and considered in accordance to the applicable Slovene legislation and the European General Data Protection Regulation.  Young dragons is obligated to protect data and prevent their abuse.

Personal data will not being disclosed in any case to the third parties. Only authorised employees have the access to personal data. Exceptionally the data may be transmitted to the authorised institutions based upon juridical request.


By using the Young dragons website ( the user agrees to the published terms and conditions. By continuing use of the site he/she agrees on modifications of general terms and conditions, and consequently on manner and processing of collected personal data.


Javni zavod Mladi zmaji
Resljeva cesta 18
1000 Ljubljana

t: +386 1 306 40 64

Internet cookies

Cookies are smaller text files that are installed to the browser of users computer during the visit of web page and allow all the features of web site to function. The cookie itself does not contain or collect any personally identifiable data, but it may be helpful for the web site to provide more user friendly services.

The use of cookies

The Web site uses the following cookies for its operation:

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Name Purpose Duration
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Analitycs cookies help us to gain insight into how users use our sites and to determine what works and what doesn’t, and how we can further improve our site. With Google Analytics, we collect information such as what website you viewed, number of visits, device / platform type, and date and time. All data are anonymous and are used for statistical purposes only.

Name Purpose Duration
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Cookies control

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