The community centre in Kašelj was built out of an old city bus. It is now a place for finding creative solutions to time and space challenges. Borc’s name was chosen in collaboration with the residents of its neighbourhood. It is located on Cesta španskih borcev. Prior to becoming Borc, bus number 401 was one of 17 inactive buses waiting to be decommissioned.

Borc at the bus stop
Borc at the bus stop
The community centre Borc

The community centre Borc

The realisation that 17 buses remain unused by Ljubljana Public Transport (LPP) necessitated a conceptual exercise from restless creative minds. Ljuba & Drago was just the start of something bigger, and the mind wandered to the question, “What if? What if we take it further? What if we tackle the challenge of malnutrition in the city? What if we address a new grey area, such as named locations in a city with a lack of youth spaces and programmes? What if…?

For learning, culture, socialising, art

It used to be bus number 401 before becoming Borc. Then it embarked on an exhausting but fascinating idea journey. From addressing the lack of living, working, and social spaces for young people in Ljubljana to taking into account existing concepts in the city that have not yet found a home. A neighbourhood community centre was one of them.

It just so happened that the Municipality of Ljubljana was remodelling the Kašelj neighbourhood on Cesta španskih borcev at the time. As a result, the opportunity arose for the project of relocating the disused city bus to the local community. The idea was confirmed after it was examined and the needs of the local community and young people in the city and suburbs were explored.

To create, support, and inspire when you're out of luck

Borc values are employed in the community centre as a source of inspiration and as a way to “move forward” toward the desired future state. We can better understand the values of the society in which we live and work if we are aware of our own values.

The common themes are inclusion, connection, and empowerment. We promote open, accessible, and high-quality community activities that foster solidarity among youth (and the larger local community) through activities, while aiming for an engaged neighbourhood and a community that is better connected.

The world is changing at the speed of light. What makes sense today might not tomorrow.

Values that drive Borc

The greater vision of Borc is to channel the creative potential of young people to create a movement or community that, through its existence, operation, and fundamental values (transparency, solidarity, trust, brotherhood/sisterhood, responsibility), creates a framework for the co-creation, co-deciding, and co-management of social reality. The best solution in these trying times, when faced with so many challenges, is a community built on compassion and solidarity. It provides a structure for eliminating inequality and creating an effective, inclusive society that is beneficial to all.

Space to search for answers

The Borc Community Centre provides a space to develop innovative solutions to city and time-related problems. It is housed in a former city bus and a newly renovated settlement. Participatory experimentation with repurposing urban buses and materials opens up possibilities for bold reflections and positive changes. The importance of connecting for new forms of (co)operation based on repairs, renovations, upgrades, and simplification, as well as the significance of mobilising creative forces to develop innovative social solutions, are where we most clearly see the sustainability dimension.

His name is Borc

The entire project process, from conception to completion, was meticulously documented and presented in the brochure His name is Borc. It is also available in digital format.

Download the brochure His name is Borc in pdf format.

Contact us

Organisations, individuals, informal groups, and those interested in co-creating this special space should contact us and come to Cesta španskih borcev!

fb: LjubainDrago
ig: ljuba_in_drago

Maja M. Gašperšič
+386 51 625 232

Evelin Radulović
+386 51 625 278

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