It is not possible to respond to the speed of today’s changes with the old hierarchical models. One possible solution is utilising collaborative ways of leadership and action. Leadership as hosting, with listening and facilitation skills, following intuition and stable resources. Trusting the work process which prioritises cooperation over a precisely defined expected result requires courage, maturity and ‘responsibility-taking’ from all involved.

Why about leadership?

With the desire to help youth workers become aware that they are leaders of young people we teach them knowledge, give them experience and hone the skills necessary for leadership. At the same time we are exploring new forms of leadership that go beyond the boundaries of the youth sector.

The project is the initiative of director, Ksenja Perko, who explores questions of leadership in today’s times and enables the flow of knowledge between sectors. All because we want to contribute to the positive forces of changing the world and the creation of a creative and cooperative society we connect with others and recognise youth workers as key actors for a better world. With the project we go beyond the boundaries of the youth sector and promote youth work.

So far and beyond

Until 2022 we carried out three content cycles. The first was called ‘Leadership based on love’. The second ‘Leadership that goes through the stomach’. The third part ‘Leadership based on compassion’. These make up the series on leadership created by Young Dragons for the youth sector. Theory and practice were contributed by: Ksenija Špiler Božič, Leon Magdalenc and Saša Kerkoš.

The ultimate goal is before us:

The new central youth center, Center Mladih Ljubljana, which is being built right next to Galerija Cukrarna will work on the principle of compassion.

The role of compassion

Compassion which is the foundation of cooperation, love and dialogue is a fundamental value that guides us to the next steps. With the project we expand the scientific definition of compassion, research the effects of compassion on behaviour, and above all, promote ways of leadership that put people at the center.

We included leaders from the youth sector and youth workers in the project. As a result of the activity, tools for reflection (postcards, poster, workbook) were created intended for young people, youth workers and the general public. The content of the workbook was co-created as a result of a workshop with participants as part of the cycle ‘Leadership based on compassion’. The participants of the workshop became the first ambassadors of compassion: Nives Felič (MC Vič), Marko Pavlovič (MC Zagorje ob Sava), Tjaša Vidergar (MC Litija), Tinkara Koleš (Center for Young People Domžale) and Ksenja Perko (Mladi zmaji). The group expands by invitation and regularly attends meetings through which it spreads circles of compassion.

Discover leadership with Young Dragons

How do you stay up-to-date and learn more about leadership?

Join the community and sign up for information at voditeljstvo@mladizmaji.si.

We welcome your suggestions and insights to share with others.

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