Why the Young Dragons?

Young Dragons can assist parents who are looking for quality activities to fill their children’s free time. The network of our youth centres and all of our programmes are safe spaces for children and minors. By taking part in our activities, you can be sure that peer socialisation will be of high quality, active, and creative standards and will be supervised by youth workers – professionals in working with young people.

What do young people do here?

Young people come to hang out, chat, and make new friends. They occasionally come to us for help and advice when they are having problems. They participate in workshops, holiday activities, training, and education that are of interest to them . Some of them participate in volunteer work, academic internships, required coursework, student work, and other activities. Others simply have some innovative ideas and talents that can be evolved with our mentoring, infrastructure, and financial assistance. Participation in most of our programmes is free of charge.

Holiday programme

Excursions, holiday schools, camps, festivals, and other activities and events are available. The programme runs all year and is timed to coincide with the winter, May Day, summer, autumn, and December school holidays. See the Holiday section for more information on the holiday programmes!

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Our centres are safe spaces

For Young Dragons, creating a safe space entails adhering to the principles of youth work, which emphasise safety, constant and continuous presence, and a professional standard of youth work. All of this allows us to create the necessary conditions for the development and implementation of programmes for young people in the neighbourhood youth centres of Bežigrad, Črnuče, Šiška, and Zalog, as well as with the mobile youth centres Ljuba & Drago, the community centre Borc in Kašelj, the digital youth centre Digi MC on the Discord gaming platform, the streets of the mobile team, and the administration in the city centre.

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Expert and dedicated team

Young Dragons’ forces are made up of youth workers and other associates with a variety of professional skills who consider their work with young people as a mission. We share ourselves, our knowledge, and our experiences with young people, while encouraging, supporting, and constructing a world in which creativity is the supreme value for a better life for all. Get to know us!

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Overview of our programmes by age group

10-29 years:
Our Centres / Holidaaaays / Basement / Mobile Psychosocial Counselling (MOPS)

15–29 years:
Volunteering / Radio Eter / International Opportunities

18-29 years:
City incubator

  • City Ljubljana
  • Green Capital in Europe
  • City of Literature
  • Office for Youth
  • Movit - Institute for the development of youth mobility
  • Sava Insurance
  • Network YC LJ

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