Digi MC

A digital youth centre open to all young people interested in society, good music, workshops on various topics, or co-creating a digital community. Categories on Digi MC include Gaming, Creative, Fantasy, Podcast, Themes, and Advisory. We are open every day of the week, including Sundays and holidays.

Digi MC od Discord
Digi MC od Discord

During the first wave of the epidemic, Digi MC was created in response to the closure of youth centres and became the Young Dragons’ first virtual Youth Centre. The Centre is based on the Discord platform and is intended for all young people who enjoy spending their time digitally while also having fun and being creative. Digi MC is a stand-alone unit that operates on multiple levels at the same time. It connects dislocated Young Dragons units, connects adolescents based on their activities, and transcends physical and geographical boundaries.

In its two years of operation, Digi MC has developed 6 subunits/categories. These include Gaming, Fantasy, Podcast, Advisory, Creative and Themes. Each sub-unit was created in collaboration with young people and is based on their needs. The management of sub-units is undertaken by young facilitators, with the support of youth workers. Two young people joined the team in the first half of the year and are now in charge of the Podcast and workshop schedule in the #girls_talk room (a room dedicated only to girls).

The Counselling Centre is a unique feature of the Digi MC, where a team of volunteers is available for discussion and advice to young people in need.

Where are we?

On Discord, here.

We are open

every day of the year

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Nejc Benčič
+38651 261 513

  • City Ljubljana
  • Green Capital in Europe
  • City of Literature
  • Office for Youth
  • Movit - Institute for the development of youth mobility
  • Sava Insurance
  • Network YC LJ

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