Ljuba & Drago

A mobile youth centre that was built out of an old city bus. It’s like a mobile living room that travels to all corners of Ljubljana, where infrastructure and programmes for young people are lacking. Ljuba & Drago is a mobile youth centre that provides socialisation wherever it pops up.

Naslovna fotografija L&D

The central mission of the Ljuba & Drago mobile youth centre is to enter the city’s so-called “grey zones,” which are defined as spatially and programmatically underserved areas in the 2016-2025 MOL Youth Strategy. Ljuba & Drago Mobile Youth Centre is a living room for young people from all over Ljubljana. It’s a place where you and your friends can go after school to listen to good music, hang out, and relax. Cultural and artistic activities are the primary guiding principles. For young people, some of the activity is planned in advance, and some of it is planned with their active involvement. As a result, young people can create their own programme with mentoring support and assistance, which they lack in their local environment.

We adapt to the population’s needs and challenges, and we act in a connecting and inclusive manner. We place a high value on connecting with local communities and societies, and we respond to invitations from the Municipality of Ljubljana, local communities, and other organisations. The interest in the well-being of young people is always at the heart of this type of collaboration.

The bus has an unusual green roof, a kitchenette, a padded corner for socialising, audio equipment, and a wood burner that keeps us warm on cold winter days.

Where are we?

ČS Trnovo (Rakova jelša): at the pavilion in front of Rakova jelša II, between the blocks on the Pot na Rakovo jelšo Street or in the Rakova jelša neighbourhood.

ČS Sostro: in front of Sostro elementary school or around Sostro neighborhood.

ČS Polje: at the playground at Polje elementary school or around Polje neighborhood. In case of bad weather, we are in the multipurpose hall next to the library.

We are open

Winter schedule:

ČS Trnovo (Rakova jelša): every Tuesday, 14:00 – 17:00

ČS Sostro: every Thursday, 14.00 – 17.00

ČS Polje: every Friday, 15:00 – 18:00

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Get in touch with us

fb: LjubainDrago
ig: ljuba_in_drago

Maja M. Gašperšič
+386 51 625 232

Mateo Hočuršćak
+386 51 625 278

  • City Ljubljana
  • Green Capital in Europe
  • City of Literature
  • Office for Youth
  • Movit - Institute for the development of youth mobility
  • Sava Insurance
  • Network YC LJ

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