We get it. Making decisions about where and how to spend a holiday can be challenging for parents. The Young Dragons would be delighted to assist you in that. In addition to weekly camps in and around Ljubljana, the holiday programme includes leisure trips throughout Slovenia and abroad, holiday schools, festivals, and other events for life-changing experiences. The programme is made public at least three weeks ahead, and registration for individual activities is done online.

Holiday camps

Activities that take place during the school holidays for one week and include unforgettable experiences, new friendships, fleeting young love, and learning new skills.

Young Dragons in Shelter

We try to introduce the issues of abandoned animals to young people, presenting the correct approach to raising and caring for dogs and cats, understanding animal needs through knowledge of their body language and responsible ownership in a practical way.

During the week-long camp, participants learn about topics related to the shelter and animal care – for example learning about the profession of an animal caretaker, meeting the police unit that works with dogs, reading animal body language. In addition, they learn the key aspects of what it means to be respectful towards animals in a fun and engaging way. The youth gains knowledge about the selected themes; by programming and designing apps that present the shelter and the animals that are part of it, or through different theatrical methods such as group theatre games, script design, costume and set design. We also fill our time with sports and creative activities and by preparing healthy meals. We also invite parents to visit the shelter, where the children show them around and pass on the information they have absorbed during the week.

The animal care and responsible ownership knowledge and skills that the Young Dragons and the Ljubljana Shelter are passing on to younger generations are an invaluable investment for a better future and better coexistence with our best friends – dogs and cats.

Mepi Camp

A holiday activity that we have been organising in collaboration with the GAHA for many years. Through camping activities, young people participate in a seven-day adventure programme where they learn how to survive in nature away from technology and outside of their comfort zone. Young people at the adventure camp must face challenges like pitching tents, cooking meals over the magnificent campfire, playing orientation games, and hiking. Swimming is also included!

Young Dragons successfully collaborated with the GAHA association for the fourteenth time in 2023! The activities of the adventure camp vary from year to year, and the camp’s goal is to re-establish lost contact with nature and to take a break from the digital content that shapes our daily lives. It offers a first-class experience of surviving in nature, connecting, building social skills and making new friendships.

In 2023 we will organize an additional 4-day camp for all enthusiasts during the autumn holidays.

Sleepover on buses

A summer holiday activity initiated by young visitors of mobile youth centre Ljuba and Drago and community centre Borc.

Sleepover on buses is an urban camp lasting a few days, where young people have the opportunity to spend the night on retired city buses from Public Company Ljubljana Passenger Transport (LPP). Although the buses operate within different neighbourhood communities, Sleepover on buses takes place in Kašelj neighbourhood where Borc is located.

In 2023, we organized the urban camp for the second time, actively involving interested young people in the program planning. The purpose of the camp is to offer young people a first-rate urban camping experience, the opportunity to stay overnight on a bus, as well as various activities that allow informal socializing and broadening horizons. In the past two years, we have kayaked on the Ljubljanica river, explored freestyle culture, experienced an international cultural evening, and connected with ourselves through the search for our own purpose. The program is suitable for upper elementary school students and high school students.

Holiday Adventures

All holiday adventures are scheduled to coincide with school holidays. We plan them with specific activities in mind for individual groups of children and adolescents aged 10 to 29, for whom holiday adventures are intended.

Winter Adventure
The Winter Adventure targets primary school children (10–14 years old) and high school children (15–18 years old) because it takes place during the winter holidays of primary and high schools.
It provides all-day excursions to and from Ljubljana for young people.

May Day Adventure
The May Day adventure includes a programme for primary school students (10–14 years old), high school students (15–18 years old), and students from other institutions (19–29 years old). During the May holidays, it offers all-day trips around Slovenia and/or abroad for younger groups, as well as holiday schools and courses for students as a training ground for developing various potentials and skills.

Summer Adventure
The Summer adventure is appropriate for all age groups, including primary school children (10–14 years old), high school children (15–18 years old), and students (19–29 years). During the summer holidays, there are one-day and multi-day excursions in Slovenia and abroad, as well as camps, summer schools, and outdoor festivals and events.

Autumn Adventure
The Autumn Adventure targets primary school children (10–14 years old) and high school children (15–18 years old) because it takes place during the autumn school holidays. It provides multi-day activities for young people in various locations throughout Ljubljana, as well as full-day excursions throughout Slovenia.

Dragon month
December is considered to be Dragon Month. Young Dragons participate in the activity by joining the festive mood of the city, and we also plan solidarity actions with a compassionate tone.

Contact us

All questions and details about the holiday event can be answered at pocitnice@mladizmaji.si.

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